Fume Hoods

PP fume hood is made of two parts: the part above the table-board and the below.

Material (Performance) of table-board 

1. Solid physiochemical board (12.7mm thick)
(non scratch , acid proof , alkali resisting ; deforming when water on; the highest heat temperature is 200 degrees )
2. Epoxy resin board (16/19/25mm thick)
(easy to scratch ,better on acid proof , alkali resisting and high temperature (800 degrees),non-deforming )
3. Dutch trespa (13mm thick)
high quality ,no color change ,acid proof , alkali resisting, non-deforming
4. Ceramic plate (20mm thick)
best stability ,non-scratch , acid proof , alkali resisting, non-deforming

What is the material?

Tubes and joints of the system are made of polypropylene(PP), which has excellent chemical stableness, and is highly endurable to the corrosion and contamination of chemical agents; The front cover is made of polycarbonate(PC), which is good at anti-erode, and anti-heating, high strength, and can maintain the shape in high temperature(110°) smoke environment and has good  transparence.

Note: The PP fume hood information above is for your basic reference only. For detailed information, please feel free to contact us for your better understanding.



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