Sharp Edge Tester VRI SE

จำหน่าย VRI SE Sharp Edge Tester Product designed and manufactured in the USA


• Product designed and manufactured in the USA
• Includes case for storage and protection; also includes one replacement cap
• Features include a compact arm, lightweight and ergonomic
• Manufactured according to Underwriter Laboratories Standard UL 1439
• Has sealed ball bearings to reduce friction
• Has a spring which meets the latest UL force requirement
• One year warranty.


Instrument manufactured according to the relevant standards

• Produced with high quality material and correct dimensions
• Features include a compact arm
• Sealed ball bearing to reduce friction
• Spring which meets the latest UL force requirement
• Calibration available for an additional fee, report issued by ILAC accredited LAB
• One-year warranty
• Material: Aluminum
• Size: 1x2x6 in (25x50x150 mm)
• Weight: 0.66 lbs (300g)
• Reference: UL 1439


จำหน่าย Sharp Edge Tester Model VRI SE 

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Sharp Edge Tester

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  • Sharp Edge Tester
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