Programmable Oven 300°C XUE

จำหน่าย-รับซ่อม Programable Hot air Oven ยี่ห้อ France etuves รุ่น XUE032,

XUE058, XUE112, XUE225, XUE343, XUE490, XUE686, XUE980

 The C3030 temperature controller 

The FRANCE-ETUVES C3030 temperature controller is very accurate and particularly reliable.
Measurement by PT100 or TCJ probe. Electronic PID temperature controller. Accuracy: 0.1 ° C.
Color display, excellent visibility of temperatures.

 Functions :

- display of setpoint and measured temperature
- display (in percentage) of the heating power used
- date and time display
- Possibility of making 1 program with 8 steps: 4 programmable temperature ramps (°C/min) and 4 heating timer (max 9999min)
- repeat loop
- Monitoring of your current program (step and remaining time)
- Pause or stop the program
- end of cycle buzzer
- tracking alarm to prevent temperature overshoots
- Possibility to turn off the sound of the keys
- RS485 modbus multipoint communication: allows to control several ovens on the same network


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